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Hand-held Dictaphone: 
Dictate using any hand-held digital recorder, and upload your audio files using the one click Netaquila Automatic Desktop Application. This securely transfers your recordings to the Netaquila Web Portal.


"Each dictation is allocated to an individual transcriptionist based on specialty. Over time, we dedicate a small team to you. We observe the strictest discipline in the most critical areas of our business – Confidentiality, Quality, and Turnaround Time."

Each transcribed document goes through a two-tiered Quality Assurance process, with a third-level layered in for highly sensitive documents.

Document Management Portal:
"All reports are delivered securely in editable Microsoft Word document format (unless otherwise specified). An alert will appear on the dashboard of your profile in the web portal. Your reports can be either downloaded with a single click or edited online by you or anyonein your office.

Although downloading will archive the files, you can retrieve them using searches of various parameters. Our secure web portal allows you to access your files from anywhere at your convenience."

EMR Interface: 
For medical clients, Netaquila offers connectivity with your current or future EMR. We are able to provide the EMR with a digital feed of your documents to update your EMR without any change to your office workflow. Our Implementation teams work to make this a seamless transition so that you do not have to painstakingly enter data on EMR.
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