Netaquila Solutions

Netaquila offers a comprehensive range of solutions for your medical transcription requirements. Our fully customizable Doctor friendly web portal and call in toll free service makes sure you get to spend time where it is important to you. With both you are instantly equipped with:

Error Free Medical Transcription
Free customizable Web Profile of your own
Secure and easy one-click retrieval of Reports
Secure Patient History Review
Overnight delivery of your reports
Secure Upload of Voice Files
Advanced multi-parameter Record Search
General Correspondence, telephonic conversations and letters
Independent Medical Evaluations and Peer Reviews
History and Physicals reports
Patient Progress Reports
Clinic Notes
Consultations and discharge Summaries
Chart Notes and Narratives
Pathology and Radiology Reports
Hospital Progress Notes
Referral Notes
Medical Procedure Notes
ER Reports (Emergency Room)
Surgical Procedures
Operative Reports
Medical Imaging Reports
Why Netaquila?  
Quick turn-around times (2 hrs for STAT Reports; 24 hrs for Regular Reports)
Searchable Database by Patient, MD, DOS, MRN, etc.
Electronic Signatures
Customized letterhead, templates to suit your specifications
Individual Medical Transcriptionists and exclusive teams assigned to your account
Effortless interface to your Current or Future EMR
Secure retrieval and backup of dictations and reports.
High levels of Quality and Accuracy (2 levels of stringent QA before delivery)
Secure retrieval and backup of dictations and reports on Netaquila Web portal.
Highest levels of Security (dedicated servers and encrypted connectivity)
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